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What Is PrizeTopia?

PrizeTopia is fast becoming one of the most widely visited prize giveaway sites in the world, thanks largely to its gorgeous design that works across all platforms (including mobile) and its amazing range of high-quality giveaways. Our aim at PrizeTopia is to engage our users and to grow our brand so we can offer regular and exciting giveaways for our amazing community.

Getting Started

Entry to any active giveaway is completely free and open to international residents unless specified. To enter a prize giveaway, PrizeTopia uses a number of methods to incentivise you to perform ‘actions’ that we or our partners want you to.

What Are Actions?

PrizeTopia’s entire philosophy is around the concept of actions. Here’s an example of some of the common ones we use:

  • Follow on Twitter
  • Visit on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram
  • Viral share something (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram)
  • Watch a YouTube video
  • Comment on a YouTube video
  • Sign up to a newsletter
  • Read or visit a specific web page
  • Submit a photo
  • Enter another giveaway

Certain actions are weighted differently by giving them higher or lower entry worth. You have a choice to complete as many actions as you want. Once you have completed just one action, you are in with a chance of winning the giveaway prize. The more actions you complete, the better the chance you have of winning.

Mandatory Actions

Sometimes we make an action mandatory, so we may ask you to complete it first before being able to access any non-mandatory actions. Please note, this does not mean you must complete all the mandatory actions. It’s just a prerequisite to unlocking your non-mandatory ones.

Daily Actions

Daily actions allow you to perform a particular action every day for extra entries, such as view a YouTube video or visit a web page. They reset at midnight to the timezone a giveaway is set to (normally GMT).

Fraud Prevention

PrizeTopia has a built-in automated fraud filter designed to invalidate suspicious entries. We also use certain attributes to challenge certain users with a CAPTCHA.

User Details

By default when you enter one of our competitions we need to know who you are and capture some basic details. We place a huge importance on knowing who you are, so we can contact you if you win (or market to you post-contest). To do this we use a small form after the first action is completed.

Entry Confirmation

Every time you enter a giveaway on PrizeTopia you will receive a post entry email. This will let you know that your entry was received and that there’s additional ways to enter or gain entries you might not have considered.